Launch of new report – Asia: Stop executions and unfair trials

On Tuesday 6 December, at a press conference in Tapei, the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) is launching a report revealing how a small group of Asian countries are defying the global trend against the death penalty and putting to death thousands of people after unfair trials every year.

 14 Asian countries, taken together, execute more people than the rest of the world combined.

 ‘When Justice Fails, Thousands executed after unfair trials’ highlights, through the cases of eight people on death row, the struggle to secure a fair trial in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Pakistan.

  •  ADPAN spokespeople are available for interview
  • Amnesty International spokespeople are available for interview
    • Relatives of those on death row are available for interview
    • Images and audio-visual material are available
    • Press conference:
    • Tuesday 6 December 14.30 at Café Philo, B1, No.3, Shaoxing N. St., Taipei City 100, Taiwan

For information or to arrange interviews please contact:

 In London

Katya Nasim, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific press officer at,

+ 44 207 413 5871 / + 44 (0) 7904 398 103          

 In Taiwan        

Hsinyi Li from Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP) at        +886 225218870 / +886 930019345

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