JAPAN – Twitter action @Japan_Homu ‘Stop Executions’!

On 21 February, three death-row inmates were hanged in Japan, which are the first executions since the new government came to power in December 2012.

Masahiro Kanagawa, 29, was hanged at Tokyo Detention Centre, Kaoru Kobayashi, 44, at Osaka Detention Centre and Keiki Kano, 62, at Nagoya Detention Centre. Kobayashi and Kano were executed despite both being in the process of preparing to apply for retrials.

There are 134 inmates on death row in Japan, and there are fears that this signals the start of a new wave of executions under the new regime.


Ensure that the new Minister of Justice, Sadakazu Tanigaki, hears our condemnation of these hangings as soon as possible, to deter him from signing off on future executions.


Tweet the following messages from your channels directly to the Minister of Justice’s twitter account (@Japan_Homu).  Please include the Japanese translation and the #deathpenalty tag.

Suggested tweets:

Start of a new wave of executions in #Japan? Tell new gov’t no more /死刑を止める新しい流れを作ろう。新政権に対して死刑執行を停止するよう訴えよう@Japan_Homu #deathpenalty

RT to tell #Japan to stop executions as three are hanged/リツイートをして日本に、死刑執行停止を停止を呼びかけよう@Japan_Homu #deathpenalty

Three hanged by new gov’t in #Japan – urge them to stop executions /新政権下で3人の死刑が執行された。死刑を停止するよう求めよう@Japan_Homu #deathpenalty

Supporting documents:

An ADPAN press release will be issued shortly.

Updates to the action will be posted here on the ADPAN blog. Follow us @ADPANetwork.

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