JAPAN – Hakamada Birthday Campaign “Fight for a Fighter”

Japan Hakamada logo

Below is a campaign initiated by ADPAN member Amnesty International (AI) Japan with a request that you take action.


Hakamada Iwao’s birthday is coming up on March 10. AI Japan are organising a public action in Tokyo to mark this occasion, and would like to show solidarity and support from around the world.

 1) Take a Photo

Please take a photo with you holding a message of support in your left hand and showing a fighting pose. Make a tight fist and look to your right (like the logo posted above and the photo below). We have prepared a blank card that you can use to write your message (available via this link hakamada_B4). Please be sure to write your message with big letters so that we can read it.

Japan Hakamada action example

2) Send your photo to Amnesty International Japan

Please send your photos to the e-mail address below so that we can use them at the birthday event in Tokyo on 10 March and future campaigning events.

Address to send the photos: amnestyinternationaljapan@gmail.com

3) Share your photo on Twitter

You can also use Twitter to express your solidarity with Hakamada. From 1 – 10 March, please share your photo on Twitter and we will collect them. Please do not forget to put a hash tag #hakamada at the end of any tweet, or we cannot find your precious photos.

For inquiry:

Amnesty International Japan


Hiroka Shoji (shoji@amnesty.or.jp)

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