Urgent Twitter Action: Urge the Japanese government not to carry out executions

Five people have been executed in Japan since the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) was elected in December 2012. It has been nearly two months since Japan carried out executions and there are concerns that more executions could be about to take place during the month of June. Please see below information to take action to urge the Japanese government not to carry out any executions.

What you need can do:
Please send the following tweets calling on the Japanese authorities (see targets below) not to carry out executions. You can also create your own message to urge Japan not to carry out executions. Please ALWAYS include “#deathpenalty” and/or #abolish.

Model Tweets
@AbeShinzo @kantei @MOJ_HOUMU 死刑は、生きる権利を踏みにじる刑罰です。国際社会からの声を真摯に受け止め、ただちに死刑執行を停止するよう、強く求めます。そして、死刑廃止に向けた議論を開始するよう要請いたします。#deathpenalty

@AbeShinzo @kantei @MOJ_HOUMU Fears of more executions in Japan. It’s time to stop the death penalty. #deathpenalty #abolish

@AbeShinzo @kantei @MOJ_HOMU The world is moving away from the #deathpenalty / 世界は 死刑廃止の向かって進んでいます #abolish

Please take action from 20 June to 28 June 2013. This is the period when we expect executions are most likely to take place in Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe @AbeShinzo
The Office of the Prime Minister @kantei
Ministry of Justice @MOJ_HOUMU

Additional materials
Press release, Japan: Executions show chilling escalation of death penalty use, 26 April 2013. http://www.amnesty.org/en/for-media/press-releases/japan-executions-show-chilling-escalation-death-penalty-use-2013-04-26
Press release, Japan hangs three in first executions under ‘merciless’ Abe government, 21 February 2013. http://www.amnesty.org/en/for-media/press-releases/japan-hangs-three-first-executions-under-merciless-abe-government-2013-02-2

Updates to the action will be posted here.

Thank you.

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