INDONESIA – ADPAN condemns the secret execution of Muhammad Abdul Hafeez – the fifth execution this year

ADPAN condemns the execution of Muhammad Abdul Hafeez, a 44-year-old Pakistani national on 17 November.  The execution was carried out in secret bringing the number of executions carried out this year to five. Reports indicate that neither family members nor legal representatives were informed in advance of these executions.

Muhammas Abdul Hafeez was arrested at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on 26 June 2001 for allegedly smuggling 900 grams of heroin into Indonesia and sentenced to death on 28 November 2001.

After four years, executions resumed in Indonesia in 2012. This resumption is a regressive step at a time when the world is turning away from executions. There are fears that another five may be at imminent risk of execution.

At least 130 people are under sentence of death in Indonesia.

ADPAN has on-going concerns around unfair trials in capital cases in Indonesia.  The execution of drug offenders breaches international law which restricts the use of the death penalty to only the “most serious crimes”. Any execution of a foreign national also goes against the Indonesian government’s effort to seek clemency for its own nationals sentenced to death in other countries.

ADPAN works to end death penalty across Asia-Pacific and has members in 28 countries mainly from Asia including Indonesia.

ADPAN calls the Indonesia government to stop all further executions, to introduce a moratorium and pending abolition, to ensure full compliance with international legal standards restricting the use of the death penalty to the “most serious crimes”.

ADPAN Member organizations in Indonesia:

  • Imparsial
  • Commission for “the Disappeared” and Victims of Violence (KontraS)
  • Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Masyarakat (LBH Masyarakat)

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