Amnesty call for moratorium in death penalty in Indonesia

Amnesty call for moratorium in death penalty in Indonesia

Rabu, 24 Februari 2016 20:28 WIB | 1.170 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The international human rights organization Amnesty International calls for death penalty moratorium in Indonesia with long term goal of abolishing death penalty.

“Amnesty International asks the Indonesian Government for moratorium in death penalty and to review the court verdicts of death penalty,” Deputy Director for Southeast Asian Campaign of Amnesty International Josef Benedict said when launching global human rights annual report here on Wednesday.

Benedict quoted the Amnesty International report as saying that in 2015, the Indonesian government executed 14 death prisoners on death row and more is to follow this year.

He said death penalty places the life of prisoners on death row in risk and put their families in distress, fear and heavy pressure.

Benedict also called for an end to whipping punishment, which he described as inhumane, cruel, insulting to human dignity, adopted in Aceh.

He said in 2015, around 108 people, who were found guilty of gambling, alcohol drinking and adultery, were punished with whipping under sharia law in Aceh.

In October 2015, Qanun Jinayat, was enacted in Aceh a punishment for committing homosexuality and adultery respectively with whipping 100 times and 30 times.

“Qanun Jinayat in Aceh is against human rights and we call on the central government to annul the law,” Benedict said.

Earlier Pope Fransiskus called for death penalty moratorium ahead of an international conference of “A World Without the Death Penalty” began in Rome last Monday.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also denounced death penalty saying “death penalty has no place in this 21st century.” (*) – Antara News

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