ADPAN at the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty

ADPAN participated at the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Oslo on 21-23 June 2016

World Congress DP 1
Bhatera Reza(Indonesia), Charles Hector(Malaysia) and Rachel Zeng(Singapore)
Oslowalk h
Hsin Yi(Taiwan), Ngeow Chow Ying(Malaysia) and Nicholas Perron
Oslowalk c
Thomas Su(Malaysian MP), M Ravi(Singapore), Chow Ying(Malaysia) and Rachel Zeng(Singapore)
oslowalk d
Nicholas Perron, Charles Hector and Thomas Su
World Congress DP 3
Jia Zhen (Taiwan) actively documenting
oslowalk b
Jia Zhen and Hsing Yi With Abolish Death Penalty in Taiwan banner
Oslowalk e
M. Ravi (Singapore) and Charles Hector
Oslowalk f
Altantuya Badorj(Mongolia)


Oslowalk a
Reps from AI Thailand and Sharmini Darshini(AI Malaysia)
World Congress DP 2
Bhatera Reza (ADPAN) in one of the panels

ADPAN members also were part of the various panels, and ADPAN also had a booth whereby ADPAN pamphlets were also circulated.

ADPAN Members present at the World Congress included Danthong Breen(UCL -Thailand), Charles Hector (Malaysia),Ngeow Chow Ying (Malaysia), Kencana Putri (Indonesia), Bhatera Reza(Indonesia), Rachel Zeng (Singapore),Jiazhen (Taiwan), Arhur Wilson (Pakistan),Altantoya Badorj (Mongolia), Fifa Rahman(Malaysia),Sinnapan Samydorai(Singapore), Maiko Tagusari (CPR – Japan), Shamini Darshini(AI Malaysia), Ricky Gunavan(LBH – Indonesia), Eva (Imparsial – Indonesia), Damien Chng (We Believe in Second Chances -Singapore), and Julian McMahon (Reprieve – Australia).




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