Thailand – 440 on Death Row (as of April 2017)

Important information about the Death Penalty in Thailand was contained in a media report that was published on 2/7/2017 in The Bangkok Post entitled  “Let the punishment fit the crime” written by one  JEERAWAT NA THALANG. Follow link to read full report

Some of the points, ADPAN would like to highlight are:-

Persons on Death Row

As of April this year, 440 inmates face capital punishment.

Last Execution – 24 August 2009

The method of execution has evolved with time from firing squads to lethal injections to make death as painless as possible. In December 2002, the Corrections Department executed an inmate by firing… squad. In December 2003, the department used lethal injection to execute four inmates, three of them are related to drug charges. On Aug 24, 2009, two convicts charged with drug-related crimes were executed by lethal injection. That was the last time inmates were executed to date..

Overcrowded Prisons

Thai prisons are supposed to accommodate up to 120,000 inmates. But now, we have around 300,000 inmates…

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