“Abolition of the Death Penalty in Malaysia and in Asia” Malaysia National Conference (21-22 July 2017) – Day 1

“Abolition of the Death Penalty in Malaysia and in Asia”

Malaysia National Conference and Training Workshop

KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

21 – 22 July 2017


Welcome Address by Charles Hector (ADPAN)

Welcome Address by Raphaël Chenuil-Hazan, Executive Director, Ensemble Contre La Peine de Mort (ECPM) ECPM(3 min)

Keynote Address by Tan Sri Razali Ismail (Chairperson of the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM)


Session 1: Death Penalty in Asia – An Overview

Facilitator – Arthur Wilson

Speaker:- Julian McMahon (President, Reprieve Australia – ADPAN Member)

session 1 overview asia

Session 2:- Death Penalty in Malaysia – An Overview

Facilitator :- Ngeow Chow Ying

Speaker:- Andrew Khoo (Malaysian Bar)

session 2 malaysia overview

Session 3: Catholic Church and Death Penalty in Malaysia

 Facilitator: Mr Francis Pereira

Speaker:- Rev Fr Gregory Chan (Catholic Church)

session 3 catholic church and DP

Session 4: Death Penalty and the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ and Family

To discusses the impact of death penalty on family especially children, as well as the inconsistency with the UN Child Rights Convention and other standards

Facilitator: Rachel Zeng


1-James Nayagam (Child Rights Activist, and Former HR Commissioner)

2- Kasthuri A/P Krishnan (Association of Women Lawyers)

session 4 childrightsbsession 4 child rightsa

Session 5: Death Penalty – Migrants  and Foreign Nationals

To discuss the various issues surrounding foreign nationals in facing death penalty, from arrest to conviction and beyond


Facilitator – Puri Kencana Putri


M Ramachelvam  (Chairman of the Bar Council’s Migrants, Refugees and Immigration Affairs Committee)

Wilnor Papa (Amnesty International Philippines)


Session 6: Death Penalty & ‘Secret’ Executions

To discuss the recent executions in Malaysia, its secrecy and the last minute information of executions preventing effective intervention

Facilitator:- Altantuya Batdorj

Speaker:- Shamini Darshni (Amnesty International Malaysia)


  • More of Day 1 and Day 2 of this national conference that was attended by over 100 participants will be in our next postings.
  • We also hope to share the various presentations in this Website

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