ADPAN Statement on World Day Against the Death Penalty

ADPAN Statement on World Day Against the Death Penalty

This year marks the 17th World Day Against the Death Penalty on the 10th of October,
abolitionists around the world will highlight the plight of children whose parent(s)
have been sentenced to death, or executed.

ADPAN joins in to recognize that the psychological and emotional trauma
experienced by children under such circumstances is profound, and has long-term
and often devastating impacts.

Unfortunately, Asia has the highest number of executions in the world. In 2018,
Amnesty International recorded at least 1100 new death sentences and 136
executions in the Asia-Pacific. Thailand resumed executions for the first time since
2009; Japan tripled its annual figure (from 4 to 15 executions); Singapore executed
13 prisoners. Excluding China, Amnesty reported that 78% of all reported executions
took place in just four countries : Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Iraq.

Behind each and every death sentence and execution lies the human stories of the
sufferings of the family and the loved one. Children remain the unseen victim. Stigma
and discrimination often accompany them wherever they go. Many studies have
highlighted the fact that the death penalty is often imposed on the poor and
marginalized, who have no means to be effectively represented, within a “cracked”
judicial system. Thus, the possibilities of wrongful conviction are high.

ADPAN condemns all forms of violence, including state violence. The pains suffered
by the family of the prisoner because state violence against the accused are no less
nor can it be justified in any way. When the state executes a person, it means
another person loses a son, a father, a husband. This is the reality of the death

ADPAN advocates for restorative justice, a system based on reconciliation and second chance. We believe that this is a system that moves humanity.

ADPAN strives for a world without the death penalty. Today, we call on all
Governments that retain the death penalty to strengthen their political will and abolish
the death penalty. In the meantime, there should be no execution!


Issued by:
ADPAN Executive Committee
10th October 2019

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