« Together against the death penalty in Central Africa and Southeast Asia”




This ROEI is part of a project “Together against the death penalty in Central Africa and Southeast Asia” whose main objective is to help make progress toward the abolition of the death penalty, and make it a priority of public policy in 4 key countries in 2 regions (Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaysia, and Indonesia) by reducing its scope and working to implement official moratoriums with abolition as the ultimate goal.


This action is implemented by a consortium of 6 partner organisations. ECPM, the lead organisation in partnership with local partners. In Southeast Asia the partners are: ADPAN in Malaysia, KontraS in Indonesia and CPJP, in Australia. KontraS and CPJP are both members of ADPAN. ADPAN (Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network) is a regional network based in Kuala Lumpur, founded in 2006 and has 90 member organizations and individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.


Within the framework of this project, ADPAN and ECPM are seeking a consultant who will coordinate ADPAN activities in Malaysia. The consultant will be based in Kuala Lumpur.


Selected profiles will primarily show their ability to work with multiple stakeholders, with different partners located in several countries and understand donors guidelines. They will also show their understanding of the sensitivity of the main issue at hand, i.e the abolition of the death penalty in a society that still largely uses it.


Candidates who are interested shall produce all information showing their skills and experience to fulfil the requested tasks. In this respect, they will justify that they possess experience in recent and similar services.


This experience will be analysed according to:

  • Demonstrated experience in project coordination in a non-profit and/or Human Rights related area
  • Knowledge of international law, human rights frameworks and surrounding issues in relation to the use of death penalty in Malaysia
  • Experience in administrative and financial management for project receiving international funding (such as EU or French Development Agency (AFD)) would be desirable.
  • Experience in event organisation – such as conferences, workshops, seminars;
  • Knowledge of digital platforms to engage in communications with members including updating ADPAN membership database; maintaining and developing ADPAN’s website and associated platforms
  • Demonstrated experience in profile building and communications in order to draft media statements, write regular newsletters and develop ADPAN’s social media profiles.


ADPAN will also review the relevance of the expression of interest according to the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of the Malaysian human institutional landscape
  • Knowledge of issues related to human rights issues, notably relating to the death penalty;
  • Experience in working with multiple stakeholders (SCOs, MPs, NHRIs, international NGOs, donors, etc.)



How to apply

The submissions must fill the criteria as prescribed on Appendix 2 (information sheet)

Consultants will send in their email the following documents, in English:

  • Information sheet (Appendix 2)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of integrity, eligibility and environmental and social responsibility signed (Appendix 1)


ADPAN will shortlist five (5) candidates minimum to whom it will send the Request for proposal for the performance of the required services.


The submission shall be reviewed according to the preselection criteria above mentioned. The preselected candidates will be informed latest 27 July 2020.


For any pre-selected applications, their subsequent examination will be based on receipt of the complete file. The candidate will be able to send the complete file as soon as ADPAN confirms its pre-selection.


The pre-selection of an application does not constitute acceptance of the project.


The REOI must be send to the following email addresses by 19 July 2020.


Email: and


Interested Candidates can obtain further information at the above-mentioned e-mail address.


Candidates must be Malaysians or allowed to work in Malaysia.



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