VIET NAM – Over 100 Executions could take place imminently

117 prisoners could face imminent execution following a change in the law which comes into force on 27 June 2013.  There are more than 530 prisoners under sentence of death.  Prisoners are not informed in advance about their date of execution.

ADPAN is appealing to the Minister of Public Security to halt all future executions.

In June 2010, the method of execution was changed from firing squad to lethal injection. There have been no executions in Viet Nam since January 2012 because the relevant authorities were unable to import the necessary drugs. The shortage followed changes made to European Union (EU) regulations in December 2011, when the EU added barbiturate anaesthetic agents to the list of articles needing an export authorization. As a result Viet Nam changed its law in May 2013 so drugs from outside the EU can be used in lethal injections.

Courts continue to pass death sentences. Drugs for use in lethal injection are now being produced locally and Viet Nam has the facilities and trained staff to administer them.

Recently, the Minister of Public Security announced that 117 prisoners will be executed immediately using drugs manufactured in Viet Nam.

In 2009, Viet Nam reduced the number of capital crimes.  ADPAN regrets the Minister of Public Security’s announcement to execute over one hundred prisoners.