Unfair Trials Report

On 6 December 2011 the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network launched two major reports that explain why unfair convictions are so common in Asia-Pacific, where governments execute more people than the rest of the world combined, and details the stories behind the statistics.

The death penalty, even with the most stringent fair trials safeguards in place, will inevitability claim innocent victims. It is meaningless to speakof the permissibility of an unfair trial – the right to a fair trial is an ancient one and in more recent years has been codified in international human rights law binding on all UN member states.

Despite the infallibility of any justice system, but given that the death penalty exists a right to a fair trial for those facing the death penalty is crucial and key to establishing safeguards the rights of the defendant but to serve the ends of justice as a whole.

The possibility of the state taking the life of someone in error following an unfair trial is real in the Asia Pacific region, where 95% of the population reside in jurisdictions that retain and use the death penalty. Safeguards for fair trial are being violated in law and practice in a number of countries throughout the Asia Pacific region. While proponents of the death penalty talk about the need to strengthen law and order and provide justice for victims of crime, evidence shows that justice in capital trials is often illusory and the law undermined in practice.

Press Release (English)

Short report: “Lethal Injustice in Asia – End Unfair Trials, Stop Executions”

Long report: “When Justice Fails. Thousands executed in Asia after unfair trials” 



“When Justice Fails. Thousands executed in Asia after unfair trials” (English)


In the Asia-Pacific region, thousands of people are being sentenced to death and executed every year after unfair trials which fail to comply with international standards, undermining the rule of law and violating the right to life, the right to a fair trial and the ban on torture and other ill-treatment.

Read our campaigning report:


Eight individual Unfair Trial cases from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Taiwan are available in the following Asian languages:
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