11th World Day against the Death Penalty, 2013

The 11th World Day against the Death Penalty – 10 October 2013 – is an opportunity for civil society groups and activists to join together and campaign for an end to the death penalty globally and regionally.

This year the abolitionist movement is campaigning against the death penalty under the slogan “Stop Crime, Not Lives!” with a focus on the death penalty in the English-speaking Caribbean.

This year’s theme of preventing crime is a concern when governments apply the death penalty. Governments all over the world including Asia-Pacific often resort to the death penalty as an easy response to resolving violent crime whilst failing to address its root causes.The death penalty has never been shown to have a special deterrent effect and governments that resort to the death penalty do not invest in effective measures to address public security and crime.

In Asia-Pacific, four countries resumed executions over the past year (India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Viet Nam). Papua New Guinea and India have seen a resurgence of support following incidences of violence against women and rising crime. But, women’s groups, religious groups, prominent public figures and other civil society groups in both countries have rejected such moves to increase capital crimes.

The Anti-Death Penalty Network – ADPAN – supports these groups and on this World Day against the Death Penalty is also publicising activities by its own members across Asia-Pacific.


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