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The Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network is a regional network of organisations and individuals committed to working towards abolition of the death penalty in the Asia Pacific. Our role is to create wider societal support for abolition of the death penalty in the Asia Pacific region through advocacy, education and network building.

Why do we focus on the way dealth penalty is practiced in Asia?

“About 95% of the residents of Asia live in states that retain capital punishment, and at least 90% of the world’s executions are performed there – the vast majority in China”

Johnson, D. T., & Zimring, F. E. (2006). Taking capital punishment seriously. Asian Journal of Criminology, 1, 89–95)

Updates from ADPAN

Case Studies

Aftab Bahadur: Child offender executed in Pakistan

Reza Mohammed Shah Bin Ahmad Shah: Mandatorily sentenced for drug offences in Malaysia

Our Objectives

Hakamada Iwao: Likely fabricated evidence led to 45 years on death row in Japan

Yong Vui Kong: Lack of judicial discretion in Singapore

Leng Guoquan: Claims of torture and unfair trials in China

Devender Pal Sing: Claims of forced confession in India

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