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Missed the session live? Fret not! You can tune into ADPAN's webinar and podcast down below! more information on the death penalty, follow us on our social media handles!You can follow more of Professor Vicknasingam B. Kasinather's work HERE!Vintage vector created by dgim-studio -

Last update: 9 March 2022 Nagaenthran a/l Dharmalingam is a Malaysian on death row in Singapore. He was convicted of trafficking 42.72g of Diamorphine into Singapore.He was later found to be intellectually disabled with an IQ of 69 and ADHD.Despite his condition, his appeal against the... conjunction with the World Day against Death Penalty13 October 2021Article Contributed by,Samira Lindsey Women on Death row and the Future of the Death Penalty in South Asia The use of the death penalty has unique albeit devastating impacts for women in capital cases. This year’s 19th...

What is clemency? What is pardon petition? Watch our video guide on clemency and pardon petition process in Malaysia below!Written guides to the guidebooks can be accessed at:Bahasa Melayu:中文: