ACTIVE: Clemency Petition for Nagaenthran

ACTIVE: Clemency Petition for Nagaenthran

Last update: 9 March 2022

Nagaenthran a/l Dharmalingam is a Malaysian on death row in Singapore. He was convicted of trafficking 42.72g of Diamorphine into Singapore.

He was later found to be intellectually disabled with an IQ of 69 and ADHD.

Despite his condition, his appeal against the death penalty has failed and was scheduled for execution in November 2021 before a postponement due to Covid-19.

Current Situation

Legal challenges for Nagaenthran is likely at an end with the hearing on 1 March 2022. He is now awaiting the court’s decision on his appeal.

One of the main argument raised by his lawyers was that Naganenthran has experienced substantial deterioration of his mental capacity during detention and is unfit for execution.

Preliminary response from the court regarding the appeal has not been favourable.

If his appeal is dismissed, he will be back on the death row awaiting execution.

“The prosecutor responded that such inmates should seek clemency from the President instead of going down the legal route. He noted that the law provides for jail time to be imposed in lieu of caning for those found unfit for caning, but there is no such statute for death penalty cases.”

– Excerpt of 1 March 2022 hearing as reported by Today.

What can we do?

Sign the petition at ! Every petition signed sends a message to the Government of Singapore and to the world that we are against this execution and intend to appeal for clemency for Nagaenthran!

You can also send a clemency appeal to the President of Singapore! A sample letter can be downloaded here.


ADPAN Documents on Nagaenthran's Case

Memorandum on Nagaenthran submitted to the Malaysian and Singaporean Government:


Background on Nagaenthran case on social media:

Instagram | Twitter | Media Statement


What others are saying about Nagaenthran's case

“When Singapore ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2013, it committed to protect the rights of the more than quarter-million people with disabilities in the city-state. However, the case of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam, sentenced to death for a nonviolent drug offense, has highlighted Singapore’s failure to make those rights a legal reality. “

Human Rights Watch, 2 March 2022 (Link)

“Over the years, medical experts who assessed Nagaenthran have found that he has borderline functioning intelligence and concurrent cognitive deficits. The UN body on the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), to which Singapore is a party, has stated that the imposition of the death penalty on people whose mental and intellectual disabilities may have impeded their effective defence is prohibited.”

Amnesty International, 4 November 2021 (Link)

“Harm Reduction International (HRI), the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) and the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), alongside 27 organisations and networks, urge the Singaporean Government to immediately halt the impending execution of Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam; and call on UN entities, the European Union, and all relevant stakeholders to take urgent action.”

Joint Statement by Harm Reduction International, the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) and the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)(Link)

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